Improving your product's properties from within
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Arpocore™ for coatings
For anti-slip coatings, wear resistance and fire retardance
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Arpocore™ for engineering plastics
For optimal friction control, wear resistance and fire retardance.
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AIP Research
Your partner for lab research and process development
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An introduction to AIP

AIP Associates (short for Advanced Industrial Processes B.V.) combines decades of experience in the development of a wide variety of chemical processes and unique aramid polymer-based products into one organization.

AIP Arpocore aramid powder

Over the past decades, AIP has proven to be a highly innovative party with the development of unique application purposes for aramid powder, showing incredible results in a wide range of markets. 

Simultaneously, AIP has generated a proven track record in the development of innovative chemical processes, unique products and complete industrial plants all aimed at making the world a better place. 

Therefore, AIP is the place to go for innovative research collaborations, process developments and supply of innovative products. 

These broad and innovative technologies have been combined into two main company activities, being AIP Arpocore™ and AIP Research; collaborating to create optimal synergy.



Key Figures

Business in 5+ industries

10.000+ tons of aramid processed

State of the art processing

30+ years experience

Solutions for 15+ applications

High quality products

AIP's arpocore division

AIP’s Arpocore™ division is home to the finders of aramid powder production and application processes, manufacturing the aramid powder under the name Arpocore™. This division focuses on the production and application of aramid powder for a wide variety of markets.

Being the very experts of aramid powder applications, and having developed the specialized manufacturing processes to produce Arpocore™ for its versatile applications, AIP is the world’s only aramid powder specialist.

Since the beginning of the century, we have made Arpocore™ available to the market in various grain sizes, categorized into <125µm, <250µm and <1000µm.

The product can be applied in various industries, for various purposes such as (extreme) friction control, high wear resistance, fire retardance and minimizing heat absorption (isolation).

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AIP Arpocore aramid powder


AIP's research division

AIP’s Research division is a dedicated R&D organization that focuses on the development of a wide range of products and process solutions, and developing specialized process solutions for a wide range of applications.

On the one hand, AIP Research has developed multiple extensive industrial process solutions, varying from the discovery and implementation of the route from glycerol to methanol process for a bio-methanol plant (BioMCN), to process treatment plants transforming different types of process water to surface water.

On the other hand, AIP Research has used its capabilities for the development of personal healthcare products, chemical-free pharmaceutical products, sustainable infrastructure and living projects and more. The business unit possesses both the facilities and the capabilities to solve unique challenges and to develop unique solutions.

Apart from the fact that it is prepared to be engaged in a wide variety of projects and to serve its client and partners, AIP research has a broad portfolio of running research projects and approaching market introductions.

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AIP Research laboratory
AIP Research laboratory

Core Values

Environmentally friendly products

Sustainable and reliable supply chain

High Quality Products

State of the art processing

Dedicated support

Continuous innovation

Enhanced quality management

Outstanding results

Practical and efficient approach