About us

Who we are

AIP Associates, short for Advanced Industrial Processes B.V., has come forth from a joint venture between Seahorse Associates B.V. and a dedicated innovation firm renowned for being one of the finders of aramid powder production and application processes, and many more chemical and industrial process related innovations.

With more than 30 years of processing and manufacturing, AIP Associates has grown to become a key player in its various industries.

Our most unique capabilities can be found in the innovative, flexible and dedicated approach that we implement for each and every research project or customer/partner request.

For each of our business units, we think along with our customers and partners, and we provide concise, efficient and adequate assistance wherever required. Therefore, we are known for offering more than just a product, solution or advice.

20210412_142435 kopie
AIP Arpocore aramid powder

Core Values

Outstanding results

Enhanced quality management

Continuous innovation

State of the art processing

Practical and efficient approach

Dedicated support

Environmentally friendly products

Sustainable and reliable supply chain

What we do

Where our core values are applied for each business unit; our capabilities are very broad and unique. Our activities are divided into two main business units, both benefiting from the synergy that is created between them.

For our AIP Arpocore™ business unit, we have combined all research, testing manufacturing and application capabilities under one roof; with the state of the art processing machinery at the very heart of it. Together with our reliable partners and sustainable supply chain, we are capable of delivering our optimal and most flexible service to our customers and partners.

AIP’s Research division is a dedicated research and development organization that focuses on the development of a wide range of products and process solutions, and  developing specialized process solutions for a wide range of applications. The research division possesses all knowledge, experience and facilities to be of service to all its
customers and project partners, by which it offers solutions ranging from the development of chemical processes and complete industrial plants to healthcare products and sustainable living projects.