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About Arpocore™

For each of its versatile applications, Arpocore™ generates a significant improvement in the product’s performance standards, operational lifetime and sustainability. Amongst other value adding properties, Arpocore™ offers very high friction control; reduced friction with hard counter material and increased friction in case of soft counter material.

Being based on the same manufacturing processes as the widely known aramid fibers, yarns and pulp; Arpocore™ aramid powder shares many of its unique characteristics with these other aramid appearances. Building on decades of knowledge and experience, we can assure the unique benefits and added value that our Arpocore™ aramid powder offers when integrated in the versatile industries and final products/processes.

Amongst many other advantages, Arpocore™ allows for high friction control, offers excellent wear resistance and is fire retarding

Due to the unique composition of the Arpocore™ particles, it optimally adheres to any type of counter material (often even slightly absorbing the surrounding substance). This also prevents it from having an abrasive effect to the final product, or from breaking loose from the surrounding substance (both also benefiting wear resistance). In addition, Arpocore™ will effectively adapt to the color of the counter material. 

Arpocore™ can easily raise the product performance standards and the benefits of Arpocore™ are recognized in coating, engineering plastics and rubber compound industries (with applications ranging from mechanical engineering and automotive industries, to non-skid and industrial coatings). 

Unique Characteristics

Friction control

Wear resistance​

Fire retardance​

Chemical inertness

Compatible with color/pigment

Sound damping & vibration control​

No heat absorption (isolation)​



Lifetime extending​

Easy to integrate in production

Product categories

From very fine up to very coarse, Arpocore™ is available in different grain sizes; each offering specific benefits for different applications.

Besides batches manufactured with tailored grain sizes, the product is manufactured in the following categories:

  • Arpocore™ 125 with particle sizes up to 125µm;
  • Arpocore™ 250 with particle sizes up to 250µm; and 
  • Arpocore™ 1000 with particle sizes up to 1000µm.

Except for the differences in grain size, each Arpocore™ product carries the same unique characteristics that make the innovative product stand out in the market. 

In addition to its overarching unique characteristics, Arpocore™ also offers multiple specific advantages for its versatile application purposes (benefiting both the end products quality and the efficiency in production/application processes).  For more information per application possibility, please refer to the application main pages listed below.

AIP Arpocore aramid powder


More information

Since the unique characteristics and benefits carried by Arpocore™ are so widely applicable, we are in constant development of new application possibilities where the  product can be of benefit. In case of any questions as to whether Arpocore™ can benefit your products and processes too, or any other enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We look forward to be of service, and to explore all opportunities together with you.

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