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Arpocore™ for coating applications

Arpocore™ knows many advantages as an additive for coatings. The biggest advantages are the controlled improvement of the anti-slip properties, the fire retardance and the increase of wear resistance.

Due to the composition and the weight of the particles, and because it absorbs the substance, Arpocore™ becomes “part of the coating”. This also results in the fact that the product does not sag to the bottom of the mixture, allowing for adding/mixing the product both in the factory and on-site. In addition, Arpocore™ will not come loose from the coating, which is a familiar problem with e.g. minerals like sand and corundum.

The product is compatible with each type of coating composition. Additionally, Arpocore™ is compatible with colors, pigments and resins; it adopts the colors used in the coating and has an optimal adhesion to the resin. 

Because of the high wear resistance properties and the fact that Arpocore™ becomes part of the coating, the use of Arpocore™ makes that the lifetime of the coating is extended, especially when compared to other minerals and other additives.

Arpocore™ is also applied as isolation, because the product does not absorb/store heat. The product does not accumulate heat as sand and other minerals do, which is an added benefit for applications in e.g. (leisure) flooring applications, vessel/yacht decks, offshore platforms, and tank roofs.

Moreover, the product is very light, causing tremendous weight saving on mobile applications like vessels and offshore platforms in comparison to alternative friction increasing additives.

Unique Characteristics

Friction control

Wear resistance

Fire retardance

Chemical inertness

Sound damping & vibration control​

Compatible with color/pigments

No heat absorption (isolation)



Lifetime extending

Easy to integrate in production

Application possibilities

Besides the applications mentioned:      Any other coating applications where e.g., pigment/color adaptation, friction control, cold temperatures and heat accumulation play an important role.

Tank roofs

(Industrial) floors and workshops

(Industrial) floors and workshops

Ship decks

Offshore platforms

(Industrial) floors and workshops

Bridges, roads, parkings and garages

Gyms, saunas and swimming pools

(Industrial) floors and workshops

How to collaborate/the path forward

The experienced team of AIP Arporcore™ is ready to be of service for each challenge presented in its broad area of expertise. Please contact us to learn more, and to find how we may be of optimal service to your challenge.

Amongst other possibilities, we can collaborate as follows:

  • Collaborative research
  • Independent research
  • Concept development
  • Process & factory development

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Frequently asked questions about Arpocore™

One of the great benefits of Arpocore™ is its chemical inertness. For this reason, Arpocore™ can applied in any type of coating without losing her unique characteristics or advantages.

Arpocore™ is compatible with every color/pigment and resin. It “adopts” the colors used in the coating and even improves the adhesion to the resin.

By mixing Arpocore™ through the coating at any time, the application of a friction increasing agent is not a seperate action, and so, no seperate surface treatment is required. This saves both material and man hour costs with the application

The amount of Arpocore™ differs slightly for each type of application, but most of the time quatities of 10-65 grams per liter are used, which is a factor 2 to 10 less than competing agents.

Arpocore™ is very light compared to e.g. mineral fillers/additives and due to its weight, the particles will not sink to the bottom quickly. This also allows for adding/mixing the product either in the factory or on-site.

Due to its weight, Arpocore™ will not sink to the bottom quickly. This makes it possible to process Arpocore™ in the coating either in factory or on-site.

Arpocore™ benefits the wear resistance of the coating by becoming “part of the coating”. This makes the lifetime of the coating considerably longer.

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