AIP presents Arpocore™ portfolio on the Fakuma 2021 Trade Fair

Arpocore on Fakuma Trade Fair

AIP’s Arpocore™ division has attended the Fakuma International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing in Friedrichshafen (Germany). Here, AIP’s product specialists have found the opportunity to further introduce the Arpocore™ product portfolio and its versatile application benefits to the plastics and elastomer industries.

The trade fair provided a good opportunity for AIP’s representatives to talk with its customers, partners and other industry contacts, along with the possibility to meet with many potential customers, distributors, processers and industry innovators.

With the fair’s emphasis on the processing, manufacturing and application of plastics and elastomers, the industry has responded highly interested to Arpocore’s unique benefits applicable in these industries. Among many benefits discussed during the event, the following most commonly apply:

  • Increased wear/abrasion resistance (tribology);
  • Optimized friction minimization (tribology);
  • Processing/dosing efficiency;
  • Application possibilities in versatile compounds;
  • Precision in dosing to optimize final product.

By its presence on the trade fair, AIP has successfully been able to further introduce the Arpocore portfolio’s unique benefits to one of its key application markets, by which it has further set the mark for the tribology optimization of engineering plastics and elastomers for the global market.