COVID Statement & AIP’s Business Continuity

In the challenging times we face globally, the health and safety of our team members, partners and customers have the highest priority.

In accordance with all national and international standards and regulations for health and safety, we have found the way to ensure continuity in all our business activities. As a part of this, our manufacturing facilities are fully operational and our services and visits to our customers and partners can continue.

Due to our constant anticipation and direct contact with all links in our sustainable supply chain, there are no delays found in any of our supply chain processes. Therefore, we remain able to optimally serve our customers by offering our trusted flexibility and quality within the expected time.

Also, outdoor services, R&D support and custmer visits can be continued where the situation allows them to do so. The services are performed whilst taking the highest level of safety precautions and in accordance with the functional health and safety standards.

What we can do:

During these times, we have found that many industries face challenges related to material shortages, supply chain hick-ups and unstable prices; in some cases even forcing to change end-product compositions. Also for this, AIP offers its optimal advice, service and flexibility to serve all industries in these challenging times.